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Uberlandia - February 15, 2007 - LAPROSOLDA UFU presents the book:
Fundamentos e Prāctica da soldagem a Plasma
( Fundamentals and Practice of Plasma Welding)

by Eng. Ruham REIS
Prof. Américo SCOTTI

The Authors (both from Universidade Federal de Uberlāndia - UFU - Brasil) aim to present and indagate the fundamentals and practice of Plasma Arc Welding process, together with the most important variants (Plasma-GMAW, Powder Plasma Arc Hardfacing and Plasma Spot Welding).

The Book is in printing in A4 format and consits of:
Total Pages: 177,
Total Figures/Photos: 175,

PPAW Welding - PAW Welding - Keyhole - Melt-in - Powder - Hardfacing

Milan - 24 ° BIMU - October 5, 2004 - Plasma Team presents a paper on:
Structural welding of thick-walled pipes by keyhole Plasma Arc Welding and powder finishing.


The use of Plasma welding technique (PAW process) together with a tailored equipment facing the process new demands proves that structural welds on thick-walled pipes is possible, by joining two or more sections of centrispun tube materials.

Bead front side

Front side of Keyhole Bead

Front side of Powder Finishing Bead

Plasma Arc Welding technique, in keyhole mode, assures a complete root penetration in the first pass (convex root surface) with high quality from both the production demand and the control of structural characteristics of the joint.

The groove finishing by Powder Plasma Arc Welding (PPAW), performed in single pass after the first in keyhole mode (melt-throu), represents the most innovative and attractive aspect of this technique, gaining a perfect near-net shape bead at face of weld, thus leaving the two joint beads (face and root of weld ) in the as-welded state.

The paper briefly describes the PAW and PPAW technique, the main characteristics of the welding equipment,  the operative variable control and optimization and their influence on the welded joint shape ratio

Plasma arc welding; keyhole; butt joint; groove; joint penetration; complete joint penetration; backing; root opening ; shape ratio; stringer bead; weave bead; heat-affected zone

Dissertation on:
All rights reserved to © Dott. Ing. Luca Orsenigo - 2002
Table of contents

The Author, now Dott. Ing. Luca Orsenigo, aims to present and indagate an experimental welding technology named PPAW (Powder Plasma Arc Welding) for the structural welding of metallic constructions.
The work is in A4 format and consits of:
Total Pages: 347, Total Figures/Graphs/Photos: 244, Total Tables: 152

PPAW Welding - Keyhole - Narrow groove - Deep penetration - Thick welds - Plasma Engineering - Powder - Arc


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